Fitness area - Palladium de Champéry

Fitness area

at Palladium

Fitness uses all of your resources and promotes a complete muscular strengthening while improving your cardiovascular capacity and physical balance.

Bikes, rowing machine, elliptical bike, 15% tilt treadmill, strength machines, bench and weights allow you to stay in shape all year round.

1 TRX strap is at your disposal. Suspension exercises allow you to test your limits while working with your own body weight. The instability of the straps will require you to sheathe your abdominal muscles to complete your exercises.

Free wifi access to exercise to music or in front of your favorite show.



1 Erwachsener Eintritt (+16 ans) 15 CHF
1 Monat
70 CHF
3 Monate
190 CHF
6 Monate
300 CHF
1 Jahr
450 CHF



Monday to Friday : 08:00-20:00

Saturday & Sunday : 08:00-19:00

*Extended hours for subscribers


Only clean indoor sneakers are allowed.


Surface area of ​​260 m2 for all levels.


3 clay tennis courts

Swimming pool

Inside and outside.

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