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The Boulingrin

what is this ?

Bowls also known as lawn bowls or lawn bowling is a sport. Players try to roll their ball (called a bowl) closest to a smaller ball (known as a “jack” or sometimes a “kitty”). The bowls are heavier on one side so that they turn when being rolled. The game is played either in teams or one against one.

The game was first played in the 13th century. The game is played on grass, although other surfaces are sometimes used. Matches are held either until one player gets to a score, or when an amount of ends are played.

The game is mostly played on a bowling green, which can vary by the type of bowls being played. Whilst the game is often played outdoors, there are indoor bowling venues, and can also be played on rollable carpets.

From 2 to 8 players

  • Adult: CHF 12.00 / 1h30
  • Child: CHF 6.00 / 1h30
  • Family: CHF 30.00 (2 adults and 2 children)
  • Free for children up to 5

From Saturday the 25th May until Thursday the 29th August 2024

No shoes allowed, we play in socks (obligatory)

A workshop with instructor can be booked here with reservation 48 hours in advance. (CHF 30.00 1 hour)


Surface area of ​​260 m2 for all levels.


3 clay tennis courts

Swimming pool

Inside and outside.

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