Curling | Palladium de Champéry


Somewhere between shuttlecock and the French game of boules, this is a thrilling game of skill and strategy on ice. Players slide enormous polished granite stones down a lane, towards a target or aimed at the other team’s stones for spectacular ‘takeouts’.

Whether you’re planning a business outing, birthday party, or an activity with your family, the Champéry Curling Club will gladly organize workshops to fit your needs. The Palladium’s indoor curling hall is open 8 months per year, making this the perfect activity in case of bad weather.

Workshop 2h00

  • From 6 people: CHF 40.00 per person
  • 4 people: CHF 60.- per person
  • 3 people: CHF 80.- per person
  • 2 people: CHF 120.- per person

When you’ve curled to your heart’s content, stop by the Palladium Restaurant for a little refreshment. After all, as the saying goes, ‘After effort comes comfort’!

The Palladium also offers fully-equipped seminar rooms, in case you want to hold a team or business meeting before or after your curling workshop.

To get the most out of your workshop, we suggest you wear comfortable clothes suitable for winter conditions.

For large groups or during the annual closure of the curling hall we can organize workshops in the ice rink.

This activity is appropriate for children age 9 and up.

Curling was already practised in our resort before the First World War… in 1912.

There, some Champérolains, equipped with rice brooms, would sweep in front of stones, which they would never have done in front of their door…

But the real history of the club begins in 1950. One day villagers discovered stones left by tourists in a room near the ice rink. They were going to bring these stones back to life… A first tournament – called the Fonjallaz tournament – aroused enthusiasm and it was decided to found a club. Raised to the rank of godmother, Madame Colette Jean gave the CC Champéry the name “Pousse-Cailloux”.

Extract from the history of the club presented on the website of the Curling Club de Champéry, continued here

Our 3-lane curling hall allows the most demanding clubs to train from mid-September to mid-April.

Have you ever tried it? We heart often that it seems easier on TV.
Upon registration, the members of the Club de Champéry will give you all their secrets during an initiation.